Development of Custom Packaging Solutions

At Biplast AG, we offer a comprehensive service for the development of tailored packaging solutions, which takes place in several detailed steps:


Defining the Requirements Together

Specification & Consulting

Creation of the specification document: Together, we define the exact requirements, e.g., cold filling, carbonation, hot filling. Consulting: Identification of the best materials, designs, and technical solutions.



Prototype with CAD Drawing

Design and Prototyping

CAD Development: Creation of precise CAD drawings and 3D models. Prototype construction: Fabrication of samples and dummies for visualization and optimization.



Tool Module for the Design

Tool Making

Manufacture of the tools: Production and adjustment of the tools after design approval.



1, 2, 3…Test! The First Samples

Preliminary Sampling and Analysis of the Zero Series

Production of the zero series: Manufacturing of a first small series to validate the design. Analysis and tests: Extensive testing to ensure functionality and quality. Definition of test plans: Creation of detailed test plans based on the results of the zero series.



QUALITY is Emphasized.

Quality Control

Series production: Use of state-of-the-art production processes such as extrusion blow molding and two-stage PET stretch blow molding.



A Good Brand for the Finishing Touch.

Finishing and Branding

Custom Design: Use of screen printing, sleeve applications, and labeling for brand-compliant design.



Lightning Fast! Logistics at Biplast


Storage Capacity

Our warehouse with over 6,000 pallet spaces enables short-term deliveries.

Support for successful product launch

Accompaniment from the idea to the market launch.

Delivery partner

Europe-wide deliveries through reliable partners.

Fast response time and short launch times

Efficient and flexible processes.

Customs clearance

Independent handling of customs clearances.

Complete package from a single source

From development to the finished packaging solution.

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