Our range of canisters offers robust and versatile packaging solutions for different applications. We carry canisters in various sizes that are characterized by high quality and functionality and are suitable for both industrial and private purposes.


Product selection and features


High-quality plastics such as polyethylene (PE) guarantee stability and chemical resistance.


Our canisters are available in volumes from 2 to 30 liters.

Lid variants

Various lid options ensure secure closure and protection from contamination.

Ergonomic design

Well thought-out handles and spouts enable easy handling and comfortable use.

UN approved

Our canisters meet the requirements for the transport of dangerous goods and are UN certified.


Most models are stackable and enable space-saving storage and efficient transport.


We also offer accessories such as vent valves and pourers to expand the functionality of our canisters.

Recyclate solutions

Environmentally friendly canisters made from recycled plastic help reduce the ecological footprint.

Areas of application

From small buckets for everyday use to large industrial designs.

Chemical and food industries

Safe transport and storage of liquids and bulk goods.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Hygienic storage and transport of sensitive ingredients.

Household and Garden

Practical for cleaning products, fertilizers and other liquids.

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