The Opus Sprayer from AFA Dispensing is a state-of-the-art spray gun that uses pre-compression technology to ensure even and efficient application of liquids. This innovative spray gun is ideal for a variety of applications in the home, garden care, automotive care and more.


Technical specifications and characteristics

Pre-compression technology

This technology ensures that the liquid is compressed before it comes out, allowing for an even spray without dripping. Better control and distribution of liquid, resulting in less waste and more efficient use. Versatile application possibilities:

Ergonomic design

Comfortable handle for effortless operation. Smooth-running trigger for easy handling, even during prolonged use.

High quality and reliability

Made from robust materials that ensure a long service life. Depending on the filling material, reusable use is not a problem. Precise engineering ensures consistent performance and reliability.

Benefits for the user

Efficient application

The pre-compression technology ensures constant and even liquid distribution.

User friendliness

The ergonomic design and smooth operation make use comfortable and easy.


The different spray patterns and thread options make the spray gun versatile.


Reduces fluid consumption and minimizes waste through precise dosing.

Areas of application

Ideal for cleaning products, garden care, car care and cosmetic applications. Allows you to apply liquids in different patterns to meet different needs.

Cleaning products

Effective and versatile for all types of cleaning tasks.

Garden maintenance

Precise and even distribution of pesticides and fertilizers.

Car Care

Careful and even application of cleaning and care products for vehicles.

Cosmetic applications

Gentle and hygienic for the use of skin care and cosmetic products.

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